Magento Instant

Introducing our Magento Instant package. With this option, you’ll have your new webshop up and running on a technologically advanced, cutting-edge platform in only a month’s time.

A wide-spread corporate level webshop technology

Magento is the world’s leading ecommerce platform, the perfect choice for webshops.

When we are developing an ecommerce website on a larger scale, we keep longevity in mind: we aim to create a custom platform that won’t get obsolete, that is constantly updated and will stand the test of time. Magento accommodates for all these key touchpoints. More demanded by developers than any other platform on a global scale, Magento is used by tens of thousands of businesses.

Magento also features a wide range of built-in functionalities. Many of these functionalities could not be built from scratch without a significant financial investment and nor would these custom-built platforms stand a chance against Magento’s offering.

Magento Instant: transitioning in a month

In ecommerce quick introduction to the market gets you ahead of the game. We’ll set you up with your new webshop in just 4 weeks

When it comes to launching a new ecommerce platform, technological solutions and time-efficiency are key aspects. Magento offers a well-established framework but given its vast scale, starting out could potentially require major investments and a time-consuming set up period. To save some of these resources and to create a more accessible offering for SME clients, OANDER offers a variety of its own developments as well as introductory case studies.

As part of this package you can purchase existing platforms that have been developed in accordance to our expertise, that can be seamlessly handed over to your business and that can be introduced to the market immediately. See some examples below:

Handcrafted template

Handcrafted template

To speed up the fronted development, our team has carefully crafted a Magento template that covers all the bases. This Oander product is a fully functioning webshop that can be easily modified and altered, based on business preferences.

Extensions ready to be used

Extensions ready to be used

We develop Magento extensions and features on a weekly basis, with a focus on local demands and requirements. This ensures that we offer solutions that cover a wide-range of expectations in real time, saving resources in investment and time as well. As part of the Magento Instant package we hand over functionalities that are the most important and the most efficient, ready to be implemented straight away.

Setup know-how

Setup know-how

We created a comprehensive manual and know-how package to ensure that you and your team can acquire the knowledge needed to run the system successfully. This introduction involves sample content as well as pre-fabricated instructions.

A project based on Magento Instant has a process that goes against of what clients might have had in mind. We’re not just developing a platform and then handing the finished product. We take advantage of the complexity of Magento and we apply our pre-made developments to create a fully functional and unique webshop that is being delivered to our clients with the appropriate know-how as well.

Steps of your 4-week Magento project

Week 0: Preparation of the project

After our presentation and finalising the paperwork, we will inquire quite a significant amount of information so that we can launch the project. This will cover areas such as corporate identity, payment and shipping information and access to analytics. As a next step we will introduce you to the Development Team that you will be working with and we will arrange a kick off and methodology management workshop for key stakeholders who will be running the webshop later on. Once the above have all been sorted, we are ready to start the development.

Week 1: Installation and configuration

We create a test environment for you, we create a deployment process, we install the most up-to-date, stabilised version of Magento and a template that provides a frontend appearance. We install all basic modules that are typically required in a local setting on top of the standard Magento functionalities. (As part of this package we don’t develop unique modules, we install pre-made OANDER-licenced modules only.)

Week 2: Customising the base template with corporate identity

The Magento Instant package does not feature unique ergonomic advancements or webdesign, as these are time-consuming developments (that can of course be requested as part of bigger projects). In the second week, we customize the Oander template according to your corporate identity. This concludes colour-schemes and typography as well as installing pre-made template-based banners.

Week 3: Initial customization and parameterization samples

The Content Team sets all basic functions that are required for the use of the webshop and for testing, based on the requested information (tax brackets, currency, payment methods and shipping options) and sets the parameters up for the already developed modules in order to support the quickest delivery.

Week 4: Know-how and training

We arrange an in-depth training session on Magento’s business functionalities, their use and the specifics of fronted pages. During the session we prepare the client for the content management period and we hand over the project’s written documentation as a user’s manual. From this point onwards, the webshop is ready and the go-live date only depends on how long it takes for the client to upload all content.

No surprises

No surprises

We introduce the pre-made system in depth, offering you a chance to try and test it. The whole point of this package is that you receive a fully-functioning webshop that is ready to be used. After that point, you can decide whether you will go forward with it or not.

Unique developments

Developing a webshop often involves unique, company-specific requests. In case such demands come up within the Magento Instant project timeframe, we set up a new phase starting immediately after the general development. This phase is based on an agile methodology and it focuses on your specific requests.

The added functionalities are deliberately developed in a separate time phase. The reason behind this is that planning and testing of these new additions would make it more complicated for the client to get to know the foundations of the system first. On the other hand, putting the basics in practice as a starting point helps defying clearer and better decisions.

When is go-live?

We deliver the system on a test platform for you to start testing and uploading contents. From this point onwards the go-live date is purely based on further development requests – if any – and the amount of time it will take for you to upload the products. You are taking the lead with timings, but we always encourage the earliest possible go-live date and the constant improvement of the live site.