Custom software development

Custom software development

We work with guidelines that ensure coherent and high code quality, version management processes and documentation standards and an excellent team of experts.

In the backend division of OANDER we work with a creative mind and a problem-solving attitude on the research and development of business functionalities that we laid the foundations for in the planning process of our projects, and that we envisioned for during the frontend development phase. In other words, the main goal of the backend development is to realise the business logistics. For most of our projects, we work in PHP, NodeJS and Erlang frameworks and portal-technology for which we deliver unique applications and system integration solutions to. Our team of experts have gained tens of thousands of hours of experience both on a local and on an international scale.

We are open source fanatics

Open source code technologies are our best friends. Whether we’re talking about media or corporate sites or webshops, we aim to maximise the gathered knowledge of development communities and adding our own expertise into the mix. This makes our projects more cost-effective, quicker and we can also be more supportive. Most of our projects are implemented on Magento and WordPress platforms – we are market leaders with both respective platforms when it comes to local service and development offerings.

Excellent code quality

We don’t compromise, we only work with the best. Becoming a developer for Oander is part of a complex journey: we set very high expectations towards our new starters as part of our HR and recruitment policies. This is the only way for us to ensure that our developer colleagues are not only experts in their fields, but they also have a proactive attitude that contributes to the success of our clients as well.

Our resources are quite remarkable: backed by agency support our team consists of more than 50 PHP and JAVA Developers, System Architects, iOS / Android app developers and SEO Specialists. As part of our agency team, we have one of the biggest backend crews in the market to cater to client needs in a smooth way, achieving the highest standards.

Main competences

  • Planning development solutions based on business requirements
  • Measuring and estimating the development units of complex projects
  • Developing Magento CE- and EE-specific extensions
  • Developing WordPress CRM plugins and applications
  • Site, websop, EPR, CRM and eDM software integrations / creating webservice solutions and synchronising data
  • Database development (optimising complex data management, migration planning and creating migration scripts)
  • Planning and scaling of cache and load distributing systems
  • Making sites and webshops go live, supporting and aftercare
  • Object-oriented developments in several PHP and JS frameworks
  • Testing and documenting programme codes as part of the version management
  • Developing internal quality control methods