Frontend development

Frontend development

We build creative, high-quality frontend solutions that elevate the user experience beyond the design itself.

Frontend development is an artform that blends attention to details and unique solutions. It is also a key part of a website, that predicts its faith. This is the platform that the customers will come in touch with – what they experience determines the whole user experience from the very beginning.

Frontend development is a key moment in creating a great user experience: it turns design ideas to user interfaces

When talented UX Designers, Graphics and Frontend Developers join forces, amazing things happen. Fronted has evolved, and now it’s more than simply dissecting graphic wireframes and assembling them back together for browsers. As a result of the technical advancements of the past decade, client-facing technologies became programmable, opening up new possibilities for site build: a lot of tasks that create user functionalities are now taken over by these, while they are still realised in browsers.

Frontend development now blurs the lines between design and programming. Oander’s Site Builders are deeply invested in UX, they support the Graphic Designers as technology consultants, and they pitch innovative ideas to them. Not only do they bring the Design Team’s visions to life, they think and work together with them in the creative process. With this in mind, we love to make them face creative challenges.

Multidevice experience

We keep the requirements of the Post-PC ecosystem in mind, making sure that the websites we create can be accessed and used anywhere at any time, providing the best experience on the device of choice. We’ve got solid experience in optimising webshops and websites for smartphones and tablets, backed by our knowledge of user behaviour patterns for different devices as well as an understanding of specific development requirements. If we end up working together, we will have a lot of discussions around the possibilities of developing responsive and adaptive surfaces to match your project the best, already at the initial stages. When meeting our Frontend Developer team, you will get to know creative and experienced talents.

Technological precision, attention to details

Frontend developments carried out by OANDER are always perfectly suited to the W3C standards, with clean, semantic coding. With our work, we always pay impeccable attention to detail to make sure that we create designs identities that are aligned across all devices, that are fully search-optimised, and that the frontend code is straightforward and is equipped with comments from our developers. We base our projects on HTML5 / CSS3, and as part of our frontend developments we implement native JavaScript and jQuery JS solutions.

The main responsibilities of our frontend development team:

  • Supporting and consulting with the UX and the Graphics Teams
  • Implementing designs with pixel-perfect precision in browser technologies (HTML, CSS, AJAX, JSON)
  • Creating Magento and WordPress templates
  • Developing native and applied JavaScript solutions
  • Creating responsive and adaptive user interfaces
  • Testing and accommodating browser and device compatibility
  • Documenting frontend developments