Our eCommerce expertise

Our eCommerce expertise

We turn your commerce vision to life with high performance stores and integrations. Let’s see how we can help your eCommerce business grow!

Magento and WooCommerce webshop development

Due to its dominant presence and to its established background within the market, both Magento and WooCommerce are common choices for webshops requiring rich functionallity and high scalability. We combine their incredible features with agile development and heavy UX focus so our clients can stay ahead of the game.

eCommerce User Experience

Give your store a shopping experience that is beautiful, functional, easy to use and true to your brand. Our research-based UX and UI design processes take you and your store through a journey that integrates your business functions and ease of use and has better conversion rates.

Research & optimization

How healthy is your webshop? Could your store produce better results? Constant optimisation, enhancement of the user experience and conversion are parts of all high business value websites. Seek specialist advice and in-depth analysis from our team on the performance and the usability of your webshop and find out how you can improve your results.

System and Application Integration

Integration is an essential building block of each ecommerce development: a webshop needs to be in tune with important software to create a synchronised ecosystem. Our products, OANDER Connect is designed to process and synchronize any type of ecommerce data. With its help an integration project can be executed quicker and with less investments compared to a unique development.

OANDER Connect admin

Online event management and ticket purchase

We have developed a cutting-edge event management and online ticketing solution based on Magento’s webshop system. Event Manager will help you with everything from organising events, to selling tickets and registering visitors all the way to managing tickets online and on sie. You can grant access and offer tickets to your customers without having to involve external ticketing websites or without having to pay extra fees to third parties.