TUTTI webshop

The Magento-based webshop of Tutti Élelmiszeripari Kft. (Tutti Food Ltd.) launched in March 2016. Tutti is a locally-owned enterprise that has been in the forefront of its kind in the regional market: their main profile is manufacturing powdered drinks, instant goods, ice-cream powder mixes, confectionary products as well as food supplements. With experience of over two decades manufacturing goods for the biggest brands, TUTTI is also represented in the market with a product range of their own: in other words, they are prominent figures in the B2C and the B2B fields alike. During the projects, we were in charge of designing and planning an ERP-integrated site with a clean and minimal design, that has an ability to successfully target both audiences – meaning that it acts as a webshop and as a branding site at the same time. Click here to check it out.

TUTTI webshop TUTTI webshop TUTTI webshop