Global brands with Magento webshops
Global brands with Magento webshops

Global brands with Magento webshops

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Magento is one of the world’s leading webshop engines so it doesn’t come as a surprise that many famous brands use it as the foundation of their ecommerce and online presence.

Magento is exceptionally popular amongst fashion and luxury brands, in the beauty industry and tech companies often opt for it as well. We can see that both Community Edition and Enterprise Edition versions are being used and many global companies have already updated to version 2. Below, you can see a few examples of brands that chose Magento – simply click on the images to check out their sites. 

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Let’s have a look, how well-known brands use Magento, how it helps them appearing unique, and what advantages their online presence gets.


Daniel Wellington

Helly Hansen





Björn Borg

Big Bus Tours

Fred Perry

Men’s Health

Land Rover


Christian Louboutin

christian louboutin brand

Liverpool FC

liverpool brand